Are You Cut Out For a Casual Thing?

I have been hearing from women since the first season of SB and the one constant among issues they have shared with me is what I see as a fear of facing the truth about being cut out for a casual thing. Admitting that you are not means raising your standards and closing the door on crumbs in order to make room for something better. Often this comes in the form of averting attention from “situationships” so you can graduate to a real relationship. If your deepest desire is a committed relationship, and the Interstate of your life still has a side road to the culdesack of texting with someone who cannot step up and define the experience and commit to an exclusive relationship, then it’s time to raise your standards, speak up, and step away from the situationship into relationship. This episode includes a game-ending script for rationally communicating your desires, so you can leave your comfort zone of fantasy and enter the dream of real fulfillment.

Amy Loftus