How Do I Spot a Masculine Man?

I received this question from a listener: “As my friends and I date the choppy online dating waters, we debate how to spot a masculine man and differentiate healthy from toxic masculinity, and how to differentiate a masculine from a feminine man. How would you describe the qualities of each of these types of men? What are the differences between then and what are the behaviors that signal them? How can we women who want to come from our feminine respond to these different behaviors?” Thank you!! Such a great question!

Let’s start with SIGNALING. Masculine men wait for a signal. They don’t dive in. Gentlemen wait for a signal before they make an effort. Toxic masculinity is tongue wagging, eye popping flagging you down- it’s not waiting. Heed the FLAG. It’s red. Pat Allen taught me to practice this: Smile without talking and hold eye contact with a man. Often he will respond well if he’s a healthy masculine man. if he doesn’t, take note! Also notice who instigates the signaling as you move about the world. Urgent signaling from a man who won’t wait on you and your passive pace is a red flag of a toxic masc energy. They come on strong and often disappear….oh I have SO much more to say…it’s all for the learning. Tune in!

Amy Loftus