The Life and Death Quality to Relationships

Dating has a life and death quality to it- the hope, over and over again, the false starts, the going on ANOTHER date only to find ANOTHER guy you can’t imagine kissing. Another little death inside. The life and death quality of marriage and family. It can be watching your husband drive off and take the kids for a joyful excursion and savoring the alone time, to find yourself looking at photos on your phone as soon as they leave because you just realized your whole life is in that one car! It’s deep, and when we can hold these concepts in their entirety, in the moment, we can often experience the emotional intimacy we crave— the kind that liberates us from petty concern, from blocks that keep us isolated from deep love. I got help from Tony Robbins and Sage on this one. I recorded it right after seeing a video of them, discussing a moment of facing a life or death moment in their love affair, on a plane with a faulty engine. Needless to say…I was in tears. Watch the video here learn more about Tony here:

Amy Loftus