Thanks for a Great Season One!

Today's episode is the last one of season 1, and next week marks the beginning of Season 2. I can't believe it! I am really grateful to all of the listeners, all of the women and men who stepped forward to email me, and especially those who entered into coaching. It has been a privilege. I hope that you have deepened a connection to your own spirituality. There's a joke, "even an atheist is a believer when the toilet gets clogged at a dinner party given by his boss". That's a hilarious way to explain the curiosity I have about life, that will continue on into Season 2. The curiosity is, no matter how much you develop your ability to have control over your life events through personal growth, visualization, setting and reaching goals, etc...what is your surrender point? Doesn't everyone have one? We all have blind spots that can only be uncovered through spiritual surrender. I'm interested in creating a community of consciousness where we have the safety and freedom of exploring them together, with the use of tools for rational communication and awareness of masculine and feminine energies.

Season 2 will be full of more inspiring interviews, continuing information on consciousness, masculine and feminine energies, daily life spiritual solutions, and maybe even some live SB events!

This is just the beginning!





Amy Loftus