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Direct Communication: On Repair

I once heard Tony Robbins say something like 'if every married person behaved the way they did the first week they met their spouse, even after years together, no one would split up.' Are you polite to your spouse? Being rational and direct usually involves being kind. Today is on repair. Whether you've been married for awhile or you just hit your first bump in the road with the person you're dating, this is a review of some concepts created by Pat Allen and taught at the WANT Institute on rational communication and repair.

What is Spirituality? A Brief Review of Masculine and Feminine Principles

Thanks so much to all the people who have been listening since September, writing me, and letting me know how the podcast has been influencing their relationships for the better. This week I'm doing a brief review of the kind of depth we can find in tiny moments when we are willing to adapt to the moment and grow spiritually in relationship, whether it is with your spouse of 15 years or a new friend you're dating. These principles hold the power to help you with that growth.

Let's trust in Something Better as we close this intense year, and prepare to thrive in 2018 together.



Only Love Remains
My sister and me with my Dad in his POSSIBILITARIAN t-shirt 

My sister and me with my Dad in his POSSIBILITARIAN t-shirt 

On November 9, 2017, My Dad died. I sang to him all afternoon on the last day of his life. After awhile I ran out of lullabies, so I started making one up. I finished it the next day on the plane back to LA, to pick up a black dress and my family. It felt like I was writing it with him. It's a co-write. 

My Dad always pointed out to me that I was an artist. He put me on a train as a young kid to draw at the Art Institute of Chicago in weekend studio classes. He taught me to be humbly interested, to observe the world around me. If it weren't for that, I do not think I would be doing this podcast (and if I I hadn't had such a klunky, messy, true, good-hearted relationship with him). He and I were the two Sagittarians in the family- always inspired to get to the truth of the matter. I'm grateful for him, and I am grateful for you. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Hug your Dad.



Only Love Remains

Jerry Loftus/Amy Loftus


The moon and the stars

the sun on the flowers

the trees line the streets

waiting for rainshowers


the blood sweat and tears

the hours and the years

snow spring and heat

triumphs and fears


from outer space

all the way to this place

only love remains

only love remains

la la la la la la la la la la

la la la la

only love remains


the calendar page

the work and the wage

suddenly you see

your children age


the planes to the car

miles near and far

we come home to pray

you to the moon and the stars