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Dream Big From the INside Out with Ariel Kiley

Have you ever seen a woman walk into a room and gone "OK, she's going somewhere." ? I have. I am a bit of a casting agent inside. (I actually think I'd be great at it.) When I lived in Nashville I used to internally bet on gals that I was seeing at the venues I was playing. I had a little memory bank going of people I thought would succeed. (I'm 3 for 3 at the moment--they were all licensed multiple times on the television drama "Nashville").

Well THAT'S how I felt about Ariel Kiley when I met her years ago. I got on her mailing list and followed her writing and workshops. She's on my inner "One to Watch" list. All I can say is, you gotta hear this. She's bound to help anyone who listens to this episode. Her voice alone is like a warm bath, and she's an old soul carrying massive wisdom.


Gandhi Girl: Yoga Teacher Diane Avice du buisson
Yoga and Meditation Teacher Diane Avice du buisson

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Diane Avice du buisson

This week I interview my dear friend and original yoga teacher Diane Avice du buisson, "Durga" of Nashville, TN. She weighs in on the potency of gentle feminine energy, how the relationship with the self is more important than with another, how suffering has the potential to bring you to the kind of discipline that eventually liberates, and her special connection with Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant.