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Online Dating: A Listener's Experience

Are you hesitating to write a guy on Bumble because you're questioning what feminine energy principles look like in real life? Erin, a listener, offered her time and experience so I could offer my take on the nuances of online dating in alignment with the principles of Something Better. Listen for some hot tips and hope!

Want rain? Dig Ditches. Want Love? Buy Lingerie. -Dixie Laite
Fabulous Dixie Laite and her adorable husband, Jeff who found love in their forties. Dixie likes to give Jeff trophies for being an awesome husband.

Fabulous Dixie Laite and her adorable husband, Jeff who found love in their forties. Dixie likes to give Jeff trophies for being an awesome husband.

Happy New Year!!

I am SO THRILLED to share my conversation with Dixie Laite and the magical, mystical moment of surrender that led her into a new life of fulfillment with her husband. Dixie is a successful freelance writer, speaker, digital content strategist and branding and social media marketing consultant, and she is fabulous. Find out more at DAMETOWN. Follow her continuing feature beginning  in the January issue of O Magazine!! (O in blue on a Holland Cruise cover)

Keep the faith, Something Better peeps!! It's all happening.






Only Love Remains
My sister and me with my Dad in his POSSIBILITARIAN t-shirt 

My sister and me with my Dad in his POSSIBILITARIAN t-shirt 

On November 9, 2017, My Dad died. I sang to him all afternoon on the last day of his life. After awhile I ran out of lullabies, so I started making one up. I finished it the next day on the plane back to LA, to pick up a black dress and my family. It felt like I was writing it with him. It's a co-write. 

My Dad always pointed out to me that I was an artist. He put me on a train as a young kid to draw at the Art Institute of Chicago in weekend studio classes. He taught me to be humbly interested, to observe the world around me. If it weren't for that, I do not think I would be doing this podcast (and if I I hadn't had such a klunky, messy, true, good-hearted relationship with him). He and I were the two Sagittarians in the family- always inspired to get to the truth of the matter. I'm grateful for him, and I am grateful for you. 

Happy Thanksgiving. Hug your Dad.



Only Love Remains

Jerry Loftus/Amy Loftus


The moon and the stars

the sun on the flowers

the trees line the streets

waiting for rainshowers


the blood sweat and tears

the hours and the years

snow spring and heat

triumphs and fears


from outer space

all the way to this place

only love remains

only love remains

la la la la la la la la la la

la la la la

only love remains


the calendar page

the work and the wage

suddenly you see

your children age


the planes to the car

miles near and far

we come home to pray

you to the moon and the stars

Vulnerability is the Hot Ticket to Real Love
julia shah.jpg

Are you angry that you're still single? Could it be that a fear of vulnerability is keeping you from finding love? Psychologist and master matchmaker Julia Shah and I discuss the perils of knowing yourself and your inner limits without leaving the light on for vulnerable, intimate space for yourself and others. 

I myself am feeling vulnerable as I write this. I am about to get on a plane to my father's funeral. I am feeling small, for all the times I was sitting and working on this podcast, since the spring, and skipping the short available windows around my Dad's naptimes to call him. I wanted to keep working. Suddenly that feels so small and hollow. This would have been there when I got back. I also know that often times, I did call. And he was so wonderful, and so supportive of my endeavors. Among his repertoire: "Bravo, well done, good for you, the best is yet to come, that sounds great, Aim!" My Dad was very prosperous with his language. He did not like swears, even flinched if you said "I swear, I will" or something like that. He consciously used language. "Thank you," "Good" and appreciation was always on the tip of his tongue with every caregiver right til the end of his 83 years. I kept this in mind when I made this a PG podcast. My relationship with my Dad was important to me. It was messy at times, but it was honest. I treasure him, I am grateful for his influence, and the incredible opportunity to have been with him when he passed away, and to have spent the last afternoon of his life singing to him.  

My mission in all these adventures through music and writing and doing this podcast is the same. To help people feel. I am proud of this episode because I believe it contains permission to do just that. To let yourself feel your emotions, whatever they are. I think you can trust that this week, I am no doubt attending my own lecture.

xoxo Amy