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Bachelor #1, what's your ideal first date?


It's time for you single ladies to hear from a real live handsome good hearted man who wants love marriage and kids, so you can realize they are in your hood too!! Keep the faith!! My guest this week is my single and available friend Matt Ciccone. Email me if you want to get in touch with him!



160 Dates

Listeners, meet @160dates (Instagram) my interview with a Something Better gal, a woman who is anonymously sharing her personal journey of exploring self love and self awareness through dating. I believe she'll find her true match and realize her dream of partnership and children. Her experience, openness and introspection is a must-hear. Plus, she is downright adorable!!

Vulnerability is the Hot Ticket to Real Love
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Are you angry that you're still single? Could it be that a fear of vulnerability is keeping you from finding love? Psychologist and master matchmaker Julia Shah and I discuss the perils of knowing yourself and your inner limits without leaving the light on for vulnerable, intimate space for yourself and others. 

I myself am feeling vulnerable as I write this. I am about to get on a plane to my father's funeral. I am feeling small, for all the times I was sitting and working on this podcast, since the spring, and skipping the short available windows around my Dad's naptimes to call him. I wanted to keep working. Suddenly that feels so small and hollow. This would have been there when I got back. I also know that often times, I did call. And he was so wonderful, and so supportive of my endeavors. Among his repertoire: "Bravo, well done, good for you, the best is yet to come, that sounds great, Aim!" My Dad was very prosperous with his language. He did not like swears, even flinched if you said "I swear, I will" or something like that. He consciously used language. "Thank you," "Good" and appreciation was always on the tip of his tongue with every caregiver right til the end of his 83 years. I kept this in mind when I made this a PG podcast. My relationship with my Dad was important to me. It was messy at times, but it was honest. I treasure him, I am grateful for his influence, and the incredible opportunity to have been with him when he passed away, and to have spent the last afternoon of his life singing to him.  

My mission in all these adventures through music and writing and doing this podcast is the same. To help people feel. I am proud of this episode because I believe it contains permission to do just that. To let yourself feel your emotions, whatever they are. I think you can trust that this week, I am no doubt attending my own lecture.

xoxo Amy

Do You Fantasize About Leaving Your Spouse?
Jenna Korf has a thriving coaching practice helping blended families be of loving service to innocent children and each other. Check out her  WEBSITE

Jenna Korf has a thriving coaching practice helping blended families be of loving service to innocent children and each other. Check out her WEBSITE

If so, let's do a little R & D, okay? I'm a second wife and a stepmom and I accurately describe my situation as benevolent, manageable and peaceful. That doesn't mean I don't face big challenging feelings at times. However, I am not up against painful resistance on a regular basis like some stepmoms. The nature of the situation would be challenging for anyone-it's not for the faint at heart. I feel grateful all the time for our situation, because while seeking info about blended families in order to contribute consciously, I've learned that lots of people are going through HELL. They are at best, managing tough moments and at worst, experiencing alienation, court dates, and wars over finances. Why am I doing a podcast on this? Because if you're a mom and a wife and you want to leave, I really hope you consider that the fantasy inspiring your departure could get killed quickly by a pile of daily pain. (Yes, I'm trying to scare you as much as a doctor scared Stevie Nicks into stopping cocaine.)

This week's podcast is for....

Female spouses: let me be a big splash of cold water on your face while you kindly consider that statistics show, divorced men find partners very quickly. How's that feeling in your belly right now? 

Singles out there: if you're open to dating a parent, the dating pool will immediately widen and deepen, so hear me out and consider if you'd possess a skill set as a stepparent. You're very likely to find a guy if you are open to dating a parent.

Stepparents and parents out there: We are in this together. Take Jenna's mission to heart and protect your children.

You have choices! If you need help, email me at and let me point you in the right direction.