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On Chakras

You are more than just a bag of bones- you are a consciousness. You are a spiritual being in a vessel that is your responsibility. If you're leaving your comfort zone to change and grow, deep care is more important than ever.  Each ailment, pain, illness and discomfort delivers information and awareness, if you will allow for that. A tool paramount to this process is developing a personal awareness of your chakras--what Deepak Chopra calls "junction points between physiology and consciousness". One more not to my female singles...realize, ladies....that when you let someone in with intercourse, you are letting them into more than just your physical are letting them into each and every chakra. Are they worthy?

Casella and Grease on the "3 Cs"

Matt Casella (on left) and Brendan "Grease" Greeley are old friends from Chicago. They happen to be two of my brother's closest friends-I've known them since they were little kids, and now they are old enough for me to pretend we are all the same age! (Hahaaa) They are back on the podcast again after being one of my very first interviews, and this time we caught up with eligible bachelor Grease about his latest dating adventures and discussed what Pat Allen calls "the three Cs"...communication, chemistry, and compatibility.



Amy Answers Listener Questions

I will not ever, ever tire of listener questions. Keep 'em coming, listeners!! This week I weigh in on a few that I find come regularly.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your process!



Good Air

Good Air

I once read that Jerry Seinfeld said he married his wife Jessica because she was “good air”. I loved that- something about her was just breezy, high, good weather. And to me, that was what I was doing when I was sharing my philosophies during yoga classes I taught for many years. I wanted to help everybody get to their good air. My student Michael once came to my Friday 7am telling me that in the middle of the night he had remembered a guy he saw sleeping on Pico Blvd. So in the morning, he made a breakfast sandwich thinking, ‘if he’s there, I’ll give it to him.’ He was. He came to that class so, so happy. That’s good air. We all have stuff and avoiding it is impossible. I am the first to fall down a well of my own self pity and forget others, and forget perspective-but we can still attempt a daily shift. So this week on the podcast, 25 sentiments I’ve carried, learned and discovered that can cultivate "good air" in you- and let’s just say I attend my own lectures.

Into #metoo You See
Age 29. Just a baby...who actually believed that because lots of people in the south go to church, sexual harassment wouldn't be as common as it had been in LA. It was.  Photo by Mickey Dobo, Nashville, TN

Age 29. Just a baby...who actually believed that because lots of people in the south go to church, sexual harassment wouldn't be as common as it had been in LA. It was.

Photo by Mickey Dobo, Nashville, TN

I am still re-living the feeling I had while I listened to Oprah's Golden Globes speech last night. I couldn't NOT do a podcast on the #metoo movement today. 20 years swam around my mind during her speech. At 23 I left Chicago and Second City for LA, thinking geography would clear up the discomfort of most male dominated meetings and auditions. Then I left LA for Nashville because I figured I could better navigate the shark infested waters of the entertainment industry in a smaller town, with my songs protecting me. Truth is there was no escaping the jaws of creepy, and honestly I didn't COMPLETELY know until last night IT was something that needed to change, not ME. I didn't fully realize that I've long felt unfinished in taking responsibility, because you can't take responsibility FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF. Listening to Oprah has changed me, and I felt it, as it was happening, in real time. Something old, and scared, and bundled up...unraveled in my soul. I'm tired of tiptoeing and silence. I want to be in a conversation about how a potent feminine woman has the choice to use her masculine energy to protect herself and name that which is no longer acceptable.

So what happened to me? What now? How do we move on from here? That's what I covered this week. I'm interested in a conversation, and I hope you'll listen, and email me and share with me how this is evolving for you.



What is Spirituality? A Brief Review of Masculine and Feminine Principles

Thanks so much to all the people who have been listening since September, writing me, and letting me know how the podcast has been influencing their relationships for the better. This week I'm doing a brief review of the kind of depth we can find in tiny moments when we are willing to adapt to the moment and grow spiritually in relationship, whether it is with your spouse of 15 years or a new friend you're dating. These principles hold the power to help you with that growth.

Let's trust in Something Better as we close this intense year, and prepare to thrive in 2018 together.



Single Over the Holidays

Are you single and moving through the holidays going "seriously? this is my life?" I know how you feel.

Treat yourself well. This week you get permission from me to enjoy the holidays in the way it works for you. You don't have to be thrilled about it.





My Eyes So Soft

by Hafiz

Don't surrender your loneliness so quickly.
Let it cut more deeply. 

Let it ferment and season you
as few human ingredients can. 

Something missing in my heart tonight
has made my eyes so soft, 
my voice so tender,
my need of God,
so absolutely clear.