Healing the Mother with Jennifer Arnise

Author, speaker, coach and podcaster Jennifer Arnise absolutely widened my mind through this conversation. I thought I was getting on a call about emotional growth regardless of background; that our wounds are our wounds, and we are all walking each other home. What I came to accept is, while that may be true, in particular, between white and black women—this can only take place AFTER trust is earned and our very different histories are honored, acknowledged, and respected. Even though I listened through this conversation afterwards and considered edits, I did not edit. I want to share a klunky, messy conversation about racial tension, history, reparations and healing— without any shellacked sheen—in the hopes I can encourage women of color and white women everywhere to have these conversations too. I kept the title as is because I want you to know what her mission is and what her book is about, however this episode is about much more.

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