Let's Trust in Something Better (original air date 9/11/17)

Are you in your late thirties or early forties and 100% confident addressing men at your high pressure job but terrified of making eye contact and smiling at a handsome man in an elevator? Have you purchased your home, grown your investment portfolio, frozen your eggs? Do you take amazing vacations and enjoy your work benefits with friends? And are you "surviving" all of this because you do not have any romantic prospects?

Maybe you're married and longing for your husband to be more assertive? Meanwhile, you're telling him how to drive and complaining that he's like an extra kid.

Are you a single woman that is secretly mad at all men?

Did the women's movement offer us endless professional direction at the expense of our personal lives?

What if I showed you how much power you have on the inside? I believe you can turn all of your most frustrating realities around completely with the use of built in tools and gifts you already have.

Thank you for listening!!

Amy LoftusComment