Attract, Sustain & Nourish Love
A Podcast exploring Romantic Relationships, Consciousness and Common Sense

A Podcast exploring Romantic Relationships, Consciousness and Common Sense

Amy Loftus

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Here’s how it all started…

Here’s how it all started…

Amy Loftus Something Better Podcast

Achieving professional and creative fulfillment in the absence of a fulfilling personal life for over a decade caused me to go on a search for answers about love, success, and self realization. I related to men only in the workplace, as a “fellow man”. I was operating from my masculine energy all the time, having a blast traveling and singing, and pretty much thriving- but not in my love life. I could not bring myself to let a man hold the door for me or pay for my dinner- and I thought that meant I was an empowered woman. I didn’t know that it was intense fear, old conditioning, and a misinterpretation of feminism. I needed to heal my life.

The masculine energy I was using to produce albums, manage relationships with bandmates, producers, promoters, co-writers, and assistants was not working in my love life. I was smart, funny, and at 35, still fit into my prom dress. But every guy I attracted bolted after short, exciting cycles, or vague friendships where I accepted crumbs and hoped and prayed for more. I couldn’t understand why.


I was constantly wondering how so many incredible and professionally fulfilled women over 35 were unmarried and discovered at that time, according to the NY Times, that 51% of women were living without a spouse for the first time in US history. I no longer felt alone. I felt a kinship with women I hadn’t yet met, and together with them (energetically) I started asking, “How did we all get here?”

 51% of American women are living without a spouse for the first time in U.S. history

Meeting Pat Allen after I moved back to Los Angeles from Nashville, (on a hunch my true love was there) radically changed my life. Seeking and utilizing her research and teachings, and seeing them work in my life heavily influenced this podcast. I met my husband six weeks before my 40th birthday. I knew in about two weeks that he was my husband. (but I did not tell anyone that!!!)

Amy Loftus Something Better Podcast

Getting married at 41, when I had anticipated getting married in my twenties, was a journey I really want to share, in the hopes of helping women and men out there adjust to this new "normal" and find true love. Or, maybe you found love early in life, and have been married for over a decade and feel frustrated and sad that you can't find the spark you once had. In that case, I want to help you keep true love.

Now I continue to write and perform songs, while helping people (every Tuesday!) utilize masculine and feminine energies through simple and clear words and behaviors. I believe conscious habits can lead to liberating, lasting love, intimacy and joy. I plan to boast married couples as a result of my podcast, because they got liberated from sabotaging behaviors that kept them from their heart’s desires. I have an abiding faith that my listeners will meet their match, or rekindle their existing love relationship.

I want to know: what are your frustrations and questions are about your love life? (or lack thereof). Please send any and all venting questions and concerns to the booking page here, and kindly note if you wish to remain anonymous in the broadcast.

Stay with me. You’re gonna realize your heart’s desires.



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